Best Gift for Jewish Mothers this Mother’s Day is for their Child to Find Love

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (May 8, 2007) – Mothers everywhere want the best for their children, but sometimes they can try to be a little too involved. In fact, a recent poll conducted by JDate®, the leading online community for Jewish singles, found one-third of JDaters think their mom is most similar to Doris Roberts’ meddling mom character from “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

What do JMoms nag about the most? Their children’s single status. Nearly 30 percent of those polled said they wanted to avoid hearing “You know who just got engaged?” Other dreaded sayings include “Can you afford this?,” “Should you really be eating that?” and “I think you should meet him/her…he/she is really nice!”

Fortunately, JDate also found what Jewish mothers most want: their child to find the perfect match.  Most JDaters (38.1 percent) voted that finding themselves a match on JDate is the perfect gift for Jewish mothers.  Other top choices included a day of beauty (20.4 percent) and jewelry (18.4 percent).

“A child finding his/her soul mate is the perfect gift for any mom, especially a JMom,” said Adam Berger, Chief Executive Officer of Spark Networks plc, JDate’s owner and operator.

In fact, a previous poll conducted by JDate found Jewish mothers are committed to helping their children find love.  More than one in five JDaters reported that their mothers have paid for their JDate membership at some point.

And, don’t forget, for those out there with single moms, it is possible to give the gift of JDate for Mother’s Day. Finding her true love could possibly leave less room for questions about her children.

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