Brett Zane, Chief Financial Officer

Brett Zane, Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer
  • BS cum laude from the Wharton School of Business
  • MBA from the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management

About Me

I feel very fortunate to have served in the Chief Financial Officer capacity for a variety of dynamic companies since 1994. The technical skills I acquired through my undergraduate and graduate business school programs, coupled with my work experience, have provided me with many of the key abilities required to tackle the finance, corporate development, accounting, legal and HR challenges at any company. In order to be a successful manager, I believe it is critical to demonstrate a human side and to motivate colleagues across an organization through strong leadership, respect, open communication and humor. I’ve been the Chief Financial Officer at Spark since December of 2007. Prior to Spark, I worked at several different companies, including medically-based weight loss company, Lindora; Spanish broadcaster, Liberman Broadcasting; and specialty logistics and transportation carrier for the cryogenic industry, Logex. I started my career as an M&A analyst for Prudential-Bache Securities in New York City.

In My Own Words

Growing up, I always enjoyed playing team sports including, baseball, soccer and rugby. I found the successful teams had more than just pure individual talent; they had great chemistry and fed off each other’s strengths. I also believe many successful organizations not only employ brilliant minds, but have a certain DNA where the collaborative contributions of the team far outweigh the contribution of one or two individuals. I think it is important for employees to believe in the vision of the company, feel like they meaningfully contribute to a company’s progress, receive acknowledgement for their efforts, are treated with respect and feel a sense of camaraderie. Throwing these elements into a caldron goes a long way towards creating a fun work environment and building a successful organization.

My Ideal Match

It’s right here. It is awesome to work for a company that touches people’s lives in such a profound way. Outside of the medical, fire-fighting, law enforcement and military professions, I think we are next on the list of services that impact individual lives in an unforgettable way. Not only are relationships established on our sites, but in many cases, those relationships lead to the creation of new lives. That alone is gratifying. Now, add to that, our company’s leadership position, growth trajectory and work environment, littered with smart, funny, hard-working and caring individuals, and I think we’ve got a pretty special thing.